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  Email #1

Suggested subject lines:

From Hot Mess to Total Life Confidence

How to bounce back from ANYTHING

Does the painful past have you in it’s grip?


Hi {firstname]} —

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you just felt sick, sad, and ugly?

No confidence, no relationship, no dreams for the future.

Sometimes when you screw things up in a really bad way, you just…

…quit trying, you know?

—> How to SHATTER the grip of the sticky past and RECLAIM your GORGEOUS (and we’re not talking runway models here) Life [Insert link:]

When your life is a hot mess, one problem becomes ten problems, which becomes a hundred problems, and pretty soon they are a giant, overwhelming monster.

Soon you’re thinking: “There aren’t enough self-help guides or understanding friends in the world to clean up THAT mess.”

And you feel trapped.

  • Trapped by your old mistakes
  • Trapped by your inability to (magically) “know” the important stuff
  • Trapped by fear, regrets, anxiety

You try to put on a strong front, but inside you’re crumbling.

—> Here’s fast help for hurting women [Insert link:]

It’s inspirational, yes.
It’s powerful, yes.
It’s designed for women just like you.

If you really want to get free from the past, heal your hurting soul, and throw open a THOUSAND DOORS to your glittering future, you need to see this, right away…

To your dreams,

[Affiliate Name]

PS: I know you’re busy. I know you absolutely don’t have time. Or $$, or patience, etc etc.

But here’s the thing: when is it going to be YOUR TURN?

—> This is going to nourish your soul. [Insert link:]

Do it for YOU.

  Email #2

Suggested subject lines:

From hot mess to glitteringly gorgeous

Break the grip of self-doubt and overwhelm

The past is SO STICKY…

Email body:

It’s not Moose Tracks ice cream that’s holding you back, you know.

The REAL issues that hold you back are NOT about food (even junk food!), your wrinkles, your bra size, or your bank account…

—> Becoming the Real, Radiant you starts here (sneak ahead and see!) [Insert link:]

When you solve the RIGHT problem (and I’ll tell you how in a minute)… That clears the way for miraculous change and growth.

Solve the RIGHT problem and here’s what happens:

  • Frustration becomes understanding
  • Crippling fear becomes bright optimism
  • Sloppy habits become iron-clad commitment
  • Doubts dissolve away and you FINALLY see your dreams start to happen (!!)

If you’ve ever felt overlooked, unworthy, or disposable…

You GOTTA stop running from those monsters. Stare them straight in the eyes and tell them WHO’S BOSS.

—> You need to see this, right away (it’s powerful stuff) [Insert link:]

If you’ve ever needed to get unstuck from a bad place in your life, this is the kind of compassionate, insightful, inspirational help you need…

Let me know what you think!

[Affiliate Name Here]

PS: You might have heard of Claire Casey. She’s the author of the runaway bestseller “Capture His Heart”, which Michael Fiore published. You won’t believe what she’s doing now, but I promise you it’s absolutely fresh, new, and revolutionary.

—> From “hot mess” to “glitteringly gorgeous” 🙂 [Insert link:]

There’s just no reason to NOT take a look! It may be exactly the breakthrough your life needs right now!

  Email #3

Suggested subject lines:

24/7 girlfriend support line

Heart-to-heart advice for YOU

Mentors, coaches and friends for YOU

Email body:

Hi {firstname},

It can be incredibly difficult to find a safe, PRIVATE place where you can openly express your fears and desires without feeling judged or shamed.

Everywhere you go, there always seems to be some nasty critic or toxic person waiting to tear you down and tell you that you’re no good.

Enough is enough.

You need a community of smart, loving women with similar goals and struggles…

…who will enthusiastically provide the support you need to transform into the confident, got-it-together, gorgeous woman you are meant to be.

–> Find your IRON-TIGHT tribe of girlfriends and mentors (Click here to learn how)  [Insert link:]

You deserve this!

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. If you are serious about seeking personal growth and empowerment, don’t try to do it all by yourself. You need people who can wisely guide, advise and mentor you.

–> Discover a BEAUTIFUL community of loving women (Click here to learn how)  [Insert link:]

  Email #4

Suggested subject lines:

Get yourself together (for GOOD!)

Fast help for getting your sh*t together ?

Unleash your inner gorgeous (yes, you!)

Email body:

When your life is in busted-up pieces all over the place, it’s easy to feel defeated.

Frustration hooks up with unworthiness and they have a baby called I AM OVERWHELMED.

You know what I mean?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the JOY and BEAUTY of a woman who has her sh*t together…as easily as ordering a latte with your BFF at your favorite coffee shop?

Sound like a latte-in-the-sky dream? The kind that could never happen in this lifetime?

Then Claire Casey is exactly the kind of girlfriend you should meet… Her specialty is helping women exactly like you

  • Finally heal those old wounds so you can break free from the past
  • Stop feeling insecure and overwhelmed by other people’s demands
  • Pick up those shattered pieces of your heart, life and soul and build something stunning and GORGEOUS with them…

You can’t pull yourself together if you keep on beating yourself up OR ignoring it and hoping it will all solve itself.

Today, all that ends. Let something beautiful and NEW begin…

–> Unleash the confident, Got-It-Together, GORGEOUS woman you were MEANT to BE [Insert link:]

There is nothing that feels better than having the total life confidence needed to be your real, radiant self.

It makes a woman undeniably gorgeous, and I’m not talking runway model here.

It’s life magic of the highest order, and you deserve lots and lots of that!

–> Get YOUR life magic going again! [Insert link:]

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. Imagine being able to turn the heads of men (AND women) as you walk into a room, radiating COMPLETE confidence and allowing your inner goddess to glow.

You deserve this.

–> And you CAN have it, too! (Don’t wait any longer for it) [Insert link:]

Email #5

Suggested subject lines:

Are you rejecting love?

Want him to love you back?

Still feeling unworthy?

Email body:

Hi {firstname},

What if I told you that the universe is waiting to give you OCEANS of love?

Wave after wave of it! A drenching, nourishing, sea of it!

BUT you’ve built an emotional sea-wall that won’t let it get to you. ?

Here’s the Truth:

When you can FINALLY accept love unapologetically from the world…

…that’s when your life and your relationships start to magically transform.

–> Change your love life — and everything else!! — from PESSIMISTIC to PASSIONATE in a heartbeat (Here’s how) [Insert link:]

When you feel loved and confident

  • You feel the POWER to go after your dreams…
  • You naturally ATTRACT the man of your dreams…
  • And if you’re already in a relationship, you can build the kind of life together that most people only dream of…

Dating and relationships are so much easier (and fun!) once you FINALLY start accepting love.

–> EFFORTLESSLY accept every kind of good and beautiful love into your life (Click here to learn more) [Insert link:]

Don’t deny your beautiful heart any longer. Unleash the magical power of love in your life!

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. Spark some sizzling hot romance EVEN if your relationship is flat-out boring right now… (It takes mere SECONDS to put this to work for you…)

–> Put THIS smoking-hot BONUS gift in your “Sensual Siren” toolbox! (Click and scroll down to see!) [Insert link:]

Email #6

Suggested subject lines:

Are you WASTING time and $$ on life coaching products?

Frustrated by life coaching?

Bad news about life coaching products

Email body:

Hey there {firstname},

I know how incredibly frustrating it can be to jump from one “life coaching” product to another and STILL feel like you’re just not moving forward…

It’s easy to put in all that money, time, and effort…only to end up NOWHERE.

It should NOT be crazy expensive (or crazy hard) for you to become the kind of strong, confident woman who

  • Fiercely loves yourself — no matter what your size and shape
  • Isn’t constantly overwhelmed by other people’s demands and expectations
  • Turns every head when you walk in, mysteriously compelling both men AND women to want to know you better…

To get your tender heart OUT of the emotional garbage-dump of feeing tossed away and overwhelmed with everyone else’s rejection (and if you’re telling the truth, a bit of your own self-rejection, too), you need a simple yet POWERFUL way to…

  • Build yourself into a glittering FORTRESS of fierce self-confidence
  • Make yourself into the kind of woman who REFUSES to let other people’s pettiness, demands, or opinions knock you off YOUR chosen course in life
  • Make complete peace with the wounds of your past and BOUNCE BACK like rubber from tough situations

–> Here’s how to unleash that power in you… [Insert link:]

What would it FEEL like, to finally experience your life as a graceful, self-assured woman?

The kind of woman that NO ONE can argue is undeniably beautiful in all the ways that matter?

–> You deserve this. You truly do. [Insert link:]

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. There are SO many women who have discovered the power to make gorgeous things happen in their lives. That power is within YOU, too… It just needs to be unleashed…

–> Stop wishing it, and start living it! [Insert link:]

Email #7

Suggested subject lines:

Unleash a FULLY confident YOU

Get UNSTUCK from the past (Finally!)

Let go of fear, regrets and other traps

Email body:

Hey {firstname}

Ever feel STUCK…

  • in your relationships (ugh, let’s don’t even talk about online dating or “hookup culture”)
  • in your career (WHERE IS IT?)
  • or in your life (hashtag #frustrating)

…Like you’re caught under a dark cloud that’s pouring rain not only on your spirits – but also your hope for the future?

You’re not alone.

Relationships are crazy-hard.

Life is difficult and messy.

You’re working so hard, and STILL you’re not getting where you want to be (or thought you’d be by this time in life). ?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if the universe sent you a magical, sparkling package of love, woman-wisdom and girlfriend-support, straight to your doorstep?

–> It’s HERE. Open up some GORGEOUS (and I’m not talking runway model) in your life… [Insert link:]

It’s TIME to shake off those heavy regrets.

Stop being overwhelmed by other people’s demands or criticisms.

UNLEASH the 100% confident, emotionally balanced, GORGEOUS (no matter what size or shape you are!) woman inside you…

–> HERE are the keys to making that happen NOW (with surprising ease)… [Insert link:]

I hope you’ll HONOR that hidden you who’s ready to emerge. She’s just waiting for you to open the door.

You deserve this!

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. THIS is the turning point you’ve been waiting for. Don’t waste another minute.

–> Get UNstuck and moving forward with style and grace [Insert link:]

Email #8

Suggested subject lines:

The “life coaching” lie…

THOUSANDS of $$$ wasted on coaching

Is your life coach making you unhappy and broke?

Email body:

You might not be able to afford professional life coaching, but the ugly truth is that even if you can, there is no guarantee that you will benefit from it.

Think about it…you get charged $200 for an hour long session, sometimes having up to 8 sessions a month ($1600 PER MONTH! WHO has that kinda extra cash??)

On top of that, you’re paying for an approach (and a coach) that might not work out in the long run.

For example, life coaches spend a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ you, thinking that you are broken.

But what they fail to consider is that a

  • tangled and messy
  • busted up and broken
  • worn in and worn out

…is undeniably GORGEOUS.

–> Check THIS out… [Insert link:]

There are gorgeous women all around the world who are emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

And the good news is that YOU can be one of them.

All you need is some

  • private, personalized, woman-to-woman wisdom
  • some POWERFUL life and relationship resources
  • and a community of awesome girlfriends to cheer for you

…to unlock what’s holding you back and give you a massive boost toward the LIFE and LOVE of your dreams!

Now THAT’S gorgeous (and I ain’t talkin’ runway models, either)!!

–> Become the gorgeous goddess of your own life WITHOUT breaking the bank (Click here to learn more) [Insert link:]

To your well-being,

[Affiliate Name]

P.S. Whether you are dead-broke or living in the Hamptons, you can learn how to allow the simplest gifts — and EVEN the broken parts — in your life to spur you toward daily gratitude and joy.

–> This is beautiful (just like you) [Insert link:]