Audio Files

Now you can add multimedia content to your affiliate articles to POWERFULLY BOOST your audience interest levels and on-page time.

The longer they stay on your page, the more chance you have to drive your traffic to the offer and make the sale.

To put one of these audio files into the body of your article:

  1. Choose an episode that complements your subject matter.
  2. Click on the title you want to use. It will appear at the top of the list.
  3. Click on the embed icon (which looks like this: </> ) to get the HTML code.
  4. Embed the code in the body of your article. If you’re using a WordPress site, be sure to embed the code in the Text (not Visual) tab of your editor.

Every 3-minute episode mentions A Course in Gorgeous or the Ask Claire Cafe (the continuity offer on the Course in Gorgeous product). Be sure to place your affiliate links near the player so you can drive that traffic and pull in your affiliate cut!

New files are released every week.